Temperature may rise up to 39C this Friday

The temperature is expected to rise noticeably in the country during the daytime this Friday, touching 39C, which will be followed a spell of northwesterly winds and a dip in the mercury level, the Qatar Met department has said.

In a report Tuesday, the weather office said the country will witness a gradual rise in temperature in the coming days, noticeably during the daytime on Friday (March 12), with the maximum ranging from 33-39C due to the deepening of a low-pressure system.

The winds will be mainly southwesterly, with the speed ranging from 18-28 knots and gusts reaching 38 knots in some areas. The weather will be hot during the day and dusty conditions are also expected, which will lead to a decrease in the horizontal visibility to 2km and lack of visibility in some areas at times.

It is expected that the wind direction will shift to northwesterly from Friday night, being fresh to strong in speed in most areas.

The sea waves will rise offshore, ranging in height from 8-12ft and going up to 15ft in some areas occasionally. The fresh winds will continues inshore until Saturday (March 13), while the marine warning will be in place until Sunday (March 14).

A decrease in temperature is expected with the northwesterly winds, with the maximum ranging between 22C and 26C during the day and the minimum between 12C and 18C at night. The "apparent temperature" will be lower less than that. “Apparent temperature” is the temperature equivalent perceived by humans, caused by the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed, according to information available online.

The Met department has urged everyone to be careful due to the unsettled weather conditions and avoid all marine activities during the warning period, as well as to follow all weather updates through its official accounts.

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