Temp to vary between 29-41 degree Celsius during weekend: QMD

Doha: Humidity level is expected to rise during the weekend, Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) said. 

In a post on Twitter, QMD said that the humidity level will increase from tonight until Sunday, September 19. A chance of mist formation at some places by late night and early morning hours is also likely. 

The minimum and maximum temperature during the weekend is 29 degree Celsius and 41 degree Celsius.

Due to this weather condition, low horizontal visibility at 3 km or less is also expected.

Furthermore, QMD also warned of strong wind with high sea during daytime. It also mentioned that weather conditions during the weekend will be hazy to misty at some places at first followed by hot daytimes and humid nights. 

The wind will mainly blow northwesterly to northeasterly in the coming days. 

On Friday and Saturday, the sea heights will vary from 1-3 ft reaching to 5ft inshore and may rise to 8 ft at times offshore. On Saturday, sea heights will be 1-3 ft inshore and reaching to 4 ft offshore.

Visibility during the weekend will range from 4-9 kilometres, or 3 kilometres and less at some places on Friday.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar