Surgeries at HGH expected to rise many folds

The number of surgeries carried out in Hamad General Hospital (HGH) is expected to increase by many folds as a result of several reasons, including rapid expansion of surgical services.

A total of 10,587 surgeries were performed in different specialities at HGH during the first six months of 2021, and the number might significantly increase in the second half, said Dr. Moustafa Alkhalil, Director of Corporate Operating Theatres at Hamad Medical Corporation. 

“As result of the expansion of HGH’s surgical services, 23 operating theatres are available, among those three are hybrid operating rooms that provide state-of-the-art real-time imaging and another three were opened recently,” he told The Peninsula. 

“Opening the new facilities help in accommodating more surgical cases and do more complex procedures. This repurposed space will provide a dedicated centre for the rapid assessment, treatment, and admission of emergency patients, as well as patients who will undergo planned surgery,” he added. 

HGH is the main hospital providing secondary and tertiary healthcare, surgical services. 

According to Dr. Alkhalil, the annual number of cases conducted at HGH increased from 13,000 to 18,900 with the opening of the phase two of HGH’s state-of-the-art surgical services expansion in 2018. 

“Even during the pandemic we have managed to conduct several surgeries including complex ones, and most were emergency surgeries by following precautionary measures and COVID-19 protocols. Now with more people being vaccinated and the spread of COVID-19 controlled in the country, as well as with more number of operating theatres available, we expect the number of surgeries to increase,” he said. 

“The operating theatres are designed with laminar airflow system to ensure optimal flow of clean air in the theatres with HEPA, filter particles of dust, and keep the air fresh. This is now very important during COVID-19,” he added. 

Majority of surgeries performed at HGH are general surgeries, neurosurgery, orthopaedic related procedures and others. Majority is general and orthopaedic surgeries and it makes about half of all surgeries. 

The General Surgery Department deals with common surgeries including surgery of the pancreas, liver, colon, stomach and gallbladder, among others.  One of the new operating theatres also features the latest high-tech robotic surgery apparatus — the da Vinci Xi surgical robot, which surgeons use to perform a variety of specialist and general surgeries. 

Dr. Alkhalil also said that new operating theatres include new rooms to receive patients from wards, recovery rooms, a dedicated nurses’ station, and enhanced staff areas.  

“Each of the new patient rooms is fitted with the latest monitoring equipment and other facilities, which will ensure the highest level of patient safety,” he said. 

“These new facilities are designed to enhance the patient experience. It highlights the fact that HMC continues to provide the latest technologically-advanced operating rooms and surgical equipment as well as restorative pre and post-operative rooms that emphasise patient safety and comfort,” he added. 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar