Souq gears up for camping supplies selling

With the winter approaching, shops at Souq Waqif are getting ready to welcome customers looking for camping equipment.

Shop owners at the souq are all set to welcome the new season with various types of tents and other camping equipment that include carpets, lighting equipment, iron rods, ropes, bags and bulbs, among others.

The shop owners expect the coming days to witness a high demand for buying tents. “Tents are considered among the most important requirements for camping, whether on beaches or in the desert. Most Qataris prefer to set up tents even if they have caravans,” said a camping supplies shop employee at Souq Waqif.

Hassan Mansouri, a camping equipment supplier at the souq, said some of the buyers prefer readymade tents while others opt to buy the materials from shops like theirs and then transport the same to designated sites to set up the camps.

Readymade tents are in great demand at the souq and they are mainly imported from Pakistan and Kuwait, according to some of the sellers. Pakistani tents cost from QR8,000-10,000 while the prices of tents from Kuwait range from QR10,000-15,000. According to the merchants, most Qataris prefer readymade tents in the camping season because they are easy to transport and instal.

Also, these tents can resist winds and rainy weather with their waterproofed roofs.

“We have buyers who customise the tents while some take the ones available here,” said one of the sellers.

The prices and quality of the materials and cloth may vary. “We have different types of cotton and nylon cloths, which are available at different prices. Ropes and other materials are also available in accordance with the requirements of buyers. Cotton cloths are imported from Pakistan and India while plastic materials are brought from China,” he explained.

Registration for the 2021-2022 winter camping season is being carried out in phases for different camping sites. Those interested can submit applications through the Aoun app of the ministry.

The first phase of camping begins today at some sites, continuing for six months.    

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes