Social media campaign exceeds expectations, says Al Jazeera

The social media campaign launched by Al Jazeera Media Network demanding press freedom has “exceeded expectations” in the first week of its launch, the network has said in a statement.

The campaign recorded more than 53mn views and engagement on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube during the first week alone, with 32mn views of the aligned campaign video since its launch on July 3, according to Al Jazeera.

The campaign was launched by Al Jazeera Media Network to support media freedom and expression “in response to the unreasonable demands presented by the blockading countries to Qatar, which included the closure of Al Jazeera Media Network and its channels, following the blockage of all its websites and applications in their respective countries”, the statement noted.

The campaign video was produced in Arabic, English, Bosnian and Spanish, showing Al Jazeera presenters and correspondents requesting demands pertaining to media freedom, which “aim to challenge the rising antagonistic statements issued by the blockading countries against freedom of expression in the region, including the illogical demand to close Al Jazeera and terminate broadcast as a precondition to lift the blockade on Qatar”.

In its campaign launch press release, Al Jazeera Media Network noted that the attack and fabricated campaign against Al Jazeera is not merely an attack on a leading media organisation that has enhanced its global reach to millions of viewers in over 150 countries during its 20 years of service, but in reality is also an assault on the foundations of media freedom.

The campaign has attained extensive support from global media organisations, including CNN, BBC and the HuffPost, which have shared the campaign video. A number of rights groups, journalism associations and media organisations defending media freedom have also commended the campaign and aligned slogan.

Renowned and prominent media figures, among whom are presenters, columnists and social media activists, have shared the campaign video on their digital accounts, condemning the attack on media organisations set forth by countries boasting their lack of support for press freedom.

As part of the campaign, Al Jazeera will be organising a series of events in Geneva, London and other capitals, with participating media professionals and analysts to discuss the intimidation and threats faced by the network, as well as the status of media freedom in the Arab world. The first event will be organised in Geneva tomorrow in collaboration with the Geneva Press Club, the second event titled “Al Jazeera Case” will be organised in collaboration with the Frontline Club in London on July 17, followed by a briefing for British parliamentarians on July 19.

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