Security committee continues to secure Doha 2019 venues

The Security Committee of the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 continues to secure venue locations at Khalifa International Stadium and Doha Corniche, as well as facilities such as athletes’ residence and official delegations, through the implementation of advanced security plans to secure these sites, or the development of effective security solutions and immediate solutions for any emergency.

Captain Mubarak Bilal al-Ali, chairman, security committee, praised the efforts by the members of the various security units to maintain security during all the events of the tournament.

He stressed that the security committee is working to implement its comprehensive security plan, which is based on the readiness of all security units, and the security presence in the streets and squares and near Khalifa Stadium and the Corniche, with the deployment of security and traffic patrols, strengthening the civil defence units, facilitating traffic flow and speeding up dealing with emergency situations to ensure a safe environment for people, official delegations and players. 

He added that it will take all security measures to protect the sports facilities where events are being held, training facilities, Doha Corniche, and facilitate the entry and exit of fans for sporting events.

He pointed out that the security committee directed security personnel to take all the necessary facilities for entry and exit of people participating in the events and to carry out the tasks entrusted to them in achieving discipline, and continue efforts to provide a safe atmosphere in which all can enjoy the tournament, calling on all to abide by security instructions and co-operation with the police.

For his part, head of the non-competition facilities unit at the security committee, Abdulla Ali al-Khulaifi, said that the unit is working to implement its security plan in securing the accommodation of athletes, official delegations, VIP guests of the tournament, as well as securing the movements of teams and members of International Association of Athletics Federation from their residence to the sports events, whether at Khalifa International Stadium, the Doha Corniche or Qatar Sports Club to train players.

He explained that co-operation and co-ordination among all units of the Security Committee contributed to the success of securing the tournament so far as a real experience for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Qatar, as all the units of the Security Committee are located in their respective places, whether roads leading to the stadium or Doha Corniche or in the areas adjacent to them in order to maintain security and order and help the fans, as well as to reduce traffic congestion.

For his part, First Lt Juma Salem al-Nabet, from the Traffic Security Unit of the security committee, said the task of the team was to secure the transportation of the athletes participating in the tournament, in addition to diverting traffic to other tracks to reduce the pressure of vehicles as well as support the traffic patrols in facilitating traffic movement, removing traffic jams and guiding motorists to follow alternative routes.

He pointed out that the results of the closures that occurred in the early days of the tournament on Doha Corniche was expected by the security committee before the tournament but it put effective solutions, which contributed significantly to facilitate traffic and flow.

He explained that before the start of the tournament and within the preparations of the Security committee, a traffic plan was drawn and the motorists were informed through social media platforms and various media about the closures and places of expected congestion. The General Directorate of Traffic, through its platforms, has been updating information on closures and congestion, he added.

He stressed that the traffic plan went within its normal plan, praising the volume of co-operation and permanent co-ordination between the traffic insurance unit and other supporting bodies such as the Lekhwiya force and the operating room (Tala’) and Al Fazaa police, where this co-ordination helped a lot in ending the traffic congestion, especially on the opening day of the tournament.

Lt Juma Jassem al-Muraikhi, from the Command and Control Section of the Operations Department at the National Command Center (NCC), pointed out that the operations department is responsible for co-ordination between all departments in the operating room (Watan) in the Corniche area, and it is responsible for the receipt and delivery of communications from participants in the sporting event as well as the transfer of these communications to the leaders of the event within the operating room of the National Command Center to take a decision.

He explained that these communications are recorded in the system (Najm) to refer to them in time of need, and in many other modern systems that are used within the operating room (Watan) of which the most important is (Tala’), which is the main system and operator of all cameras that were installed for the event or for normal daily Security work.

The drone is also used by the Security Systems Department, and through which the events and the public around the Security zone are monitored, he said, praising the role of the participating parties from Security departments and others. (QNA)

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