Employers would need to transfer the salaries of their workers to their accounts with banks or financial institutions within seven days of the due date once a wage protection system (WPS) is in place.

Non-compliance with this rule even a month after the due date would invite punishment. This may include refusal of work visas and temporary suspension of all transactions of the company with the labour ministry.

Job contracts the company has signed with its workers would not be endorsed by the ministry until it provides proof that workers’ salaries have eventually been transferred. 

A draft decision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to the above effect was approved by the State Cabinet at its weekly meeting here yesterday, QNA reported. The draft decision asks companies to bring their workers’ payment systems in line with the specifications of the WPS (whose details are to be made public soon).

The decision also asks the labour ministry to set up a department to monitor the implementation and smooth operation of the WPS.