Sailiyah warehouses area witnesses another fire

A number of warehouses were gutted in a fire that raged for several hours at Sailiyah, a Doha suburb. However there is no report of any loss of lives or injuries.

The cause of the fire, that started before noon, was unknown, it is understood that the same area, which is about a kilometre east of Sailiyah, situated on the extended neighbourhood of the Doha Industrial Area, witnessed a series of similar fire incidents in the last three years.

A number of teams of the Civil Defence and police were at work to put out the fire. All routes to the affected area were cordoned off for a faster relief work. Several fire tankers tenders were deployed for relief operations.

A major fire in the area last summer had completely destroyed accommodations of a couple of construction companies and the workers had to be moved to other location. However there was no loss of lives or injuries even though many workers were in the accommodations when the fire was sighted on a Friday noon.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes