Running a Red Light on Qatar's Roads Could Incur a QR6,000 Fine

Doha, Qatar: The Ministry of Interior has initiated a series of social media campaigns cautioning drivers about the dangers of running red lights.

Through brief video clips depicting motorists disregarding red signals, the Ministry emphasizes the severe consequences of this violation, including hefty fines and vehicle impoundment. Stressing the paramount importance of traffic laws, it aims to foster a culture of safety among all road users.

Motorists are reminded that running a red light can result in fines of up to QR6,000 and potential vehicle impoundment, underlining the Ministry's commitment to road safety and law enforcement.

In a separate social media update, the Ministry also highlights the risks associated with leaving vehicles unattended with the engine running, even for brief periods. This practice contravenes traffic regulations and increases the likelihood of theft or accidents, urging drivers to prioritize safety at all times.