Rising demand for Doha Metro travel card

The measures taken by Qatar Rail to minimise the usage and the environmental impact of disposable paper tickets of Doha Metro have started yielding results. The demand for Doha Metro travel cards has risen significantly in the last one week due to increase in the price of paper tickets. 

On February 20, Doha Metro had announced to increase the prices of paper tickets. The price revision was aimed at reducing environmental impact of paper tickets. The price revision was only for paper tickets and travelling cost has not changed for commuters who use travel cards.

“We have seen a significant rise in the demand of cards in the last one week. The main trigger for this sudden surge in demand is the increase in the price of paper tickets,” a senior official of a hypermarket, that sells travel cards, told The Peninsula. “Most of the people are buying more than one cards which shows that they are buying it for family members. They want to ensure that whole family has travel cards while travelling in Doha Metro,” he added. 

Financial consideration is the main factor prodding commuters to shun paper tickets.  “I am using travel card since the launch of travel cards by the Doha Metro but my family members were using paper tickets. My family was not using travel cards, because they were not frequent users of Doha Metro,” an expatriate told The Peninsula. 

“After increase in the prices of paper tickets, I have bought three travel cards because using paper tickets will add unnecessary financial burden on our travelling cost,” he added. 

For many travelers, environment is the main factor driving them to use travel cards. They say that use of paper tickets is not required, especially when there is an option of travel cards, which are environment friendly.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar