Rise in building permits recorded in some areas

Al Shamal, Al Shahaniya and Doha witnessed expansion in the new building permits issued in May, even as total permits issued in the country saw a 10% decline month-on-month, according to official data.

Qatar saw a total of 597 building permits issued in May 2018, the bulk of which were in Al Rayyan, Wakrah and Doha, together constituting more than 69% of the total permits, said the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS). On geographical basis, the MDPS found that Al Rayyan remained atop the municipalities where the number of building permits issued were 148 permits or 25% of the total issued permits, Al Wakrah 143 (24%), Doha 122 (20%), Al Daayen 76 (13%), Al Shahaniya 35 (6%), Umm Slal 32 (5%), Al Khor 30 (5%) and Al Shamal 11 (2%).

On a month-on-month basis, Al Rayyan witnessed 22% contraction in permits issued in May 2018, Umm Slal (20%), Al Daayen (19%) and Al Khor (9%); whereas Al Shamal, Al Shahaniya and Doha saw 22%, 9% and 1% increase respectively but Wakrah maintained a flat course.

Building permits data is of particular importance as it is considered an indicator for the performance of the construction sector which in turn occupies a significant position in the national economy. 

In terms of type of permits issued, data indicates that the new building permits (residential and non-residential) constituted 52% (136 permits) of the total building permits issued in May this year, while additions constituted 45% (268 permits), and fencing 3% (16 permits). Of the new residential buildings permits, MDPS found that villas topped the list, accounting for 54% (136 permits) of all new residential buildings permits, dwellings of housing loans 38% (96 permits), other residential buildings 6% (14 permits) and apartments 2% (4 permits).

Commercial buildings were found to be in the forefront of non-residential buildings permits with 62% (39 permits), followed by industrial buildings as workshops and factories 18% (12 permits), governmental buildings and mosques 10% each (six permits).

Qatar witnessed a total of 408 building completion certificates issued in May, of which 286 was for residential buildings, 39 for non-residential and 83 for additions. Of the 286 residential buildings completion certificates issued, as many as 162 were for villas, 111 for dwellings of housing loans, 10 for apartments and three for others.

Al Rayyan saw 108 residential building completion certificates issued, followed by Al Daayen (50), Doha (44), Umm Slal (35), Wakra (32), Al Khor (eight), Al Shamal (seven) and Al Shahaniya (two). Of the 162 villas completion certificates issued, as many as 53 were in Al Rayyan, 34 in Al Daayen, 27 in Umm Slal, 25 in Doha, nine in Wakrah, seven in Al Shamal, six in Al Khor and one in Al Shahaniya.

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