Restaurant, cafe closed in Najma for poor hygiene

Doha Municipality director Jamal Matar al-Nuaimi has ordered the closure of a restaurant and cafe in the Najma area for 10 days each, and a supermarket in Madinat Khalifa south for 30 days for serving food prepared in unhygienic conditions.

Rotten Sheri fish

Meanwhile, the health control section of Al Rayyan Municipality has destroyed 333.8kg of rotten Sheri fish found at a fish shop. The inspectors found worms in the gills of the fish.

Doha Municipality’s health control section has spotted a cafeteria and juice stall in the Bin Omran area preparing food from rotten meat products.

Expired food products

Action was taken against a hotel in the Al Salata area for keeping expired food products, a supermarket at Al Nassr Street for storing food products inside a labour accommodation, a restaurant in the Najma area for preparing meals inside a labour accommodation in unhygienic conditions and a restaurant and sweet shop, also in Najma for storing food products in unhygienic conditions in a storehouse.

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