Among many other factors like speeding, wrong overtaking behind traffic accidents and deaths, reckless motorbike driving by delivery boys motivated by minor financial benefits is also causing many deaths and serious injuries on the roads, said a source at the General Directorate of Traffic. “The Traffic Department is gearing up this week to release statistics about the number of deaths and injuries due to delivery motorcycle accidents. Among the reasons behind these accidents include incentive from their companies or people encouraging delivery boys to reach fast,” said the source. “During our investigations of the issue,  we discovered that some companies are providing financial incentive to the motorcycle motorists who deliver fast which is a serious risk to their lives and other road users.” He said that the customers also deal with the delivery agents and always communicate with them offering financial incentive to encourage them to deliver meals quickly, and all these are among the reasons which lead to accidents due to speeding. “The problem behind the accident of delivery motorcycles is that they are not obeying traffic rules and move from one track to another without taking caution of other vehicles. Also, some of them have many orders and have to deliver them in the shortest possible time,” said a motorist, Ahmed.