About 400 commodities is now available at lower prices across Qatar as part of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan.

The prices will be vallid until the end of the holy month, are mandatory to all shops and shopping centres, including Al Meera Consumer Goods, Carrefour, LuLu Hypermarkets, Safeer Mall, Saudi Hypermarket, Mega Mart, Quality Hypermarket, Grand Hypermarket, Grand Mart and Spinneys.

“The Ministry has succeeded in adding more commodities to the list every year,” Consumer Protection Department director Sheikh Jassim bin Jabor bin Hassan al-Thani announced yesterday.

“When the initiative was launched five years ago, it included about 114 commodities, which later rose to 260 and this year reached 400,” he explained while stating that the aim was to boost the purchasing power of the citizens and expatriates and advance the social role of traders in the country.  

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has also allocated a QR12mn budget for meat and sheep subsidies.
Any Qatari national is allowed to purchase two sheep a season using his ID card.
Syrian sheep are priced QR950 each and Jordanian sheep QR800.

This year’s price list :

India Gate Basmati Rice 20kg (QR247.75)
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 10kg (QR129)
Cleopatra Egyptian Rice 5kg (QR27.75)
Punjab Garden Basmati Rice (QR37)
Quaker White Oats 500gm(QR6.75)
Safa Corn Flour 400gm (QR2.5)
Maggi Cream of Mushroom Soup 68gm (QR3)
Kraft Mayonnaise 473ml (QR10.5)
Heinz Mayonnaise 450ml (QR7.25)
Knorr Mayonnaise 500ml (QR7.25)
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 340gm (QR4.5)
Lipton Y/L Tea Bag 100packets (QR14.75)
Brook Bond Red Label Tea 800gm (QR22.25)
Brook Red Label Tea 400gm (QR11.75)
Rabea Express Loose Tea 400gm (QR11)
Al Osra Sugar 5kg (QR16.5),
KDD Tomato Paste 135g 8pieces (QR9)
Beef Kebabs (Al Arabia) 280gm (QR6)
Chicken Kebabs (Al Arabia) 280gm (QR6)
Breaded Chicken Fillet 360gm (QR11.5)
Breaded Chicken Burger 530gm (QR10.75)
Qatar eggs medium 30 eggs (QR13.5)
Al Youm Fresh Chicken 1200gm (QR23.25)
Al Youm Fresh Chicken 1100gm (QR21.25)
Al Islami Frozen Chicken 1200gm (QR14.75
Al Islami Frozen Chicken 1000gm (QR13.25)
Doux Frozen Whole Chicken 1000gm (QR11)
Watania Frozen Chicken 1200gm (QR16.50)
Watania Frozen Chicken 1000gm (QR13.75)
Sadia Frozen Chicken 1200gm (QR16.25)
Sadia Frozen Chicken 1000gm (QR13.5)
Nafco Doha Dates Khalas 1kg (QR9.25)
Nafco Doha Dates Khalas 500gm (QR4.75)
Nadec Orange Drink1.75ltr (QR7.25)
Vimto Fruit 710ml (QR7.5)
Sunquick Mixed Fruit 840ml (QR13.75)
Tang Instant Drink Orange 750gm (QR11.5)
QFM Flour No1 5kg (QR16)
QFM Flour No2 5kg (QR16)
QFM Flour No3 5kg (QR19)
QT Olive Oil Extra 500ml (QR17.75)
Olite Sunflower Oil 1.5ltr (QR14.5)
Noor Sunflower Oil 1.8ltr (QR17.5)
Mazola Sunflower Oil 1.8ltr (QR17.5)
Afia Sunflower Oil 1.8ltr (QR18.25)
Afia Corn Oil 1.8ltr (QR20.25)
Mazola Corn Oil 1.8ltr (QR19.5)
Ola Sun Flower Oil 2ltr (QR16.5)
Al Marai Fresh Laban F/F 2ltr (QR10)
Al Marai Fresh Laban L/F 2ltr (QR10)
Nadec Laban F/F 1.75ltr (QR8.5)
Al Marai Fresh Milk F/F 2ltr (QR10)
Nada Fresh Milk Full Cream 2ltr (QR10)
Nada Fresh Milk LF 2ltr (QR10)
Nadec Fresh Milk FF 1.75ltr (QR8.25)
Nadec Long Life Milk FF 1ltr 4 (QR13)
Al Safi Fresh Milk FF 2ltr (QR10)
Powder Nido Milk 2.5kg (QR66)
Rainbow Powder Milk 2.5kg (QR56)
Kraft Cheddar Cheese 200gm (QR6.5)
Lurpark Butter Salted 400gm (QR11.25)
Anchor Butter Unsalted 454gm (QR13)
Diamond Pineapple Jam 454gm (QR6.5)

The ministry has  provided a hotline number (8005000) for the Licensing and Quality Control Markets where consumers could make inquiries about the price list and give suggestions.