Rain expected on Monday also at some places in Qatar

Rain of varying intensity was reported from parts of Qatar yesterday, as the Met department said thundery rain is expected in some places Monday also along with sudden strong winds.

The wind speed may go up to 27 knots during thundershowers, according to the forecast, which also says it will be hazy at first, followed by a hot daytime and partly cloudy to cloudy conditions. There is a chance of scattered rain, which may become thundery in some places at times.

Hazy conditions are also likely in offshore areas in the early hours of the day along with some clouds and a possibility of scattered rain.

The temperature, meanwhile, is expected to range from 34-38C in Doha today.

Yesterday, heavy rain was reported from places like Al Kharsaa, located towards the west, which saw some 15mm of showers until around 8am. The Met department also said it was observed moderate to heavy thunderstorms in the southern and western areas of the country, accompanied by strong winds exceeding 25 knots, on Abu Samra Road a little after 7am.

"Scattered rain of varying intensity is expected to continue, which may be thundery at times, accompanied by strong winds in intermittent periods until Monday," the department tweeted in the afternoon.

Scattered rain was also observed in the northeastern parts offshore.

Videos and images shared on social media showed heavy rain in some places, including Abu Samra Road, as well as lightning.

In Doha, cloudy conditions prevailed at times though there were no reports of any rainfall during the day.



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