QR1mn and 365 prizes on offer in Commercial Bank campaign

Commercial Bank has announced the launch of a new campaign for its current and savings account holders who stand the chance to win 365 cash prizes, including QR1mn in a grand prize draw. 

To qualify for the ‘Save & Win Campaign’, Commercial Bank customers need to have an active current or savings account (or both) with a minimum average balance of QR10,000 each month. The more customers save, the greater their chance to win one of 365 cash prizes as each QR1,000 qualifies for an entry coupon into an electronic draw. If the minimum average balance of QR10,000 is maintained for 12 consecutive months then the customer qualifies for the grand prize draw of a life changing QR1mn.

Every month, five QR10,000, 10 QR5,000, and 14 QR2,500 winners will be selected through an electronic draw for current and savings account customers who maintain a minimum average balance of QR10,000 for the entire calendar month. 

As an additional incentive to save, customers can earn bonus entry coupons if the average balance maintained in a given month is higher by at least QR1,000 than the previous month. Double coupons will be issued for every additional QR1,000 average balance versus the previous month, subject to a minimum average balance of QR10,000. 

The ‘Save & Win Campaign’ cash prizes become even larger in size for the quarterly prize draw starting in December 2017, where two current or savings account customers will win QR30,000 and another two QR50,000. 

Commercial Bank EGM Consumer Banking Amit Sah said: “Building our savings in a safe place is an essential part of planning for the future and something we should all be doing. Commercial Bank’s ‘Save & Win Campaign’ encourages customers to save today and win tomorrow, and with a total of 365 prizes spread monthly over the year, our current or savings account holders have a great chance of winning. “Not only are there a large number of opportunities to become a winner, there are very large cash prizes too, and it’s exciting to think that one saver will become a millionaire through Commercial Bank’s Save & Win Campaign.”

With Commercial Bank’s Save & Win Campaign, customers have multiple opportunities to win a cash prize in addition to the annual grand prize of QR1mn. Commercial Bank will be conducting monthly and quarterly draws with a total of 365 cash prizes to be won.

All winners will be notified by phone and e-mail and customers can win more than one prize in separate months. For further information about the Save & Win Campaign, visit any Commercial Bank branch or http://www.cbq.qa/

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes