QR 250,000 fine for selling or exchanging tickets without FIFA permission: Ministry

Doha: As per Law No. (10) of 2021 regarding measures to host the World Cup, a fine of no more than QR 250,000 will be imposed on anyone who issues, sells, resells, or exchanges tickets without permission from FIFA, Ministry of Justice said in a post on Twitter.

According to the FIFA website, “you may not, whether physically or online, offer for sale, sell, offer at auctions, give away or otherwise transfer or attempt to transfer, or engage a third party to facilitate or solicit offers for the transfer of tickets under any circumstances, including any use or attempted use of tickets for advertising, promotions, incentive programmes, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways or raffles or as part of hotel, flight, hospitality or travel packages, or other commercial purposes, except as expressly authorised in writing by FIFA Ticketing, or as permitted by the Ticket Terms of Use.  

“Tickets that have been impermissibly transferred are not valid and may be cancelled at any time without notice. Any actual or attempted transfer of any tickets in violation of the Ticket Terms of Use may result in civil and criminal fines and penalties.”

The website clarified that if someone is not able to attend a match then they may put all their tickets up for resale on the official FIFA Resale Platform. 

Regarding transfering the tickets of guests, they said that “a ticket applicant is only permitted to assign tickets to guests either free of charge or for an amount no greater than the face value of the ticket.  In accordance with the Ticket Terms of Use, guests are not permitted to transfer tickets under any circumstances. If a guest can no longer use a ticket, it must be returned to the ticket applicant. Only the main ticket applicant is permitted to reassign a ticket to another guest.”