Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has launched its ‘finance promotion’ to “meet the growing needs of customers” during the holy month of Ramadan. 
New and existing customers who apply for a personal or car finance will benefit from a cash bonus of 1% of the total financing amount. 
The new campaign is part of the bank’s commitment to reward loyal customers and offers up to QR20,000 of a cash bonus. Along with the cash bonus, the campaign offers competitive profit rates, a quick and convenient approval process from the first visit at any of QIB’s 30 branches as well as a three-month grace period for the first installment payment. 
Customers will also receive a QIB credit card with the flexibility to pay only a minimum of 5% of the total outstanding at the end of each month.
In addition, QIB recently launched ‘Instant Financing,’ which is the fastest and simplest way to obtain personal financing in Qatar. This innovative and fully-digital service allows eligible Qatari customers to get a new or top up existing personal financing from the reach of their palms through ‘QIB’s Mobile App’ from wherever they are and within a few minutes without the need to visit a branch or talk to a bank representative. 
The campaign began yesterday and cash prizes will be credited into customers’ QIB credit card. The promotion is available for new finance applicants, existing customers who want to top-up their finance, and new to QIB customers who want to transfer their liabilities from other banks to QIB. The 1% cash bonus allows customers to move their liabilities from other banks to QIB without being concerned about any related expenses.    
“The return of our finance promotion is another testimonial of QIB’s commitment on providing customers with convenient and responsive banking. With the launch of Instant finance, eligible Qatari salaried customers will instantly receive their finance and benefit from the 1% cash bonus,” said D Anand, general manager, QIB Personal Banking Group.
“Our finance campaigns are always customized and appropriately timed to meet our customer’s needs. As we approach a very busy season, with a lot of financial commitments, we realize the importance of fund accessibility for our customers and work towards it. The Shariah-compliant solution offers our customers the convenience to plan their vacations, buy a new car, get married, or refurbish their homes with worry-free accessibility to funds” Anand added.