QC receives donation of QR300,000 from LuLu Group

Qatar Charity (QC) has announced that it has received a donation of QR300,000 from LuLu Hypermarket Group - Qatar as a contribution to QC’s projects through Khair Cards.

This donation comes in support of QC’s Ramadan campaign, ‘Giving is the Secret to Happiness’, the charity has said in a press statement.

During his visit to the LuLu Hypermarket head office, Mohamed al-Kaabi, assistant CEO of QC’s Communication and Resources Development Sector, received a cheque of QR300,000 from Shaijan M O, regional director of LuLu Hypermarket – Qatar, in the presence of Shanavas P M, regional manager of LuLu Hypermarket, and Adel Lamy, director of Public Relations at QC.

On the occasion of receiving the donation, al-Kaabi thanked LuLu Hypermarket Group for its donation, acknowledging its effort during last Ramadan to promote QC’s Khair Cards. He hoped that other companies would follow the example of LuLu Hypermarket in doing good and supporting charity projects within and outside Qatar.

Al-Kaabi appreciated LuLu’s support for QC’s ‘Giving is the Secret to Happiness’ Ramadan campaign. He noted that LuLu’s support is a “sincere demonstration of how to promote humanitarian activism, which positively reflects the company’s success in various fields”.

“In co-operation with Qatar Charity, LuLu is looking forward to playing an important role on the social responsibility programme,” said Shaijan M O, adding that the Khair Cards project was launched during last Ramadan and has successfully managed to raise QR300,000.

Further, he stressed that LuLu Hypermarket would continue its support for charitable projects and carry on promoting humanitarian work along with QC.

Qatar Charity has previously signed several co-operation agreements with LuLu Hypermarket - Qatar. The first allows customers to donate riyal and dirham fractions when paying purchase bills at various LuLu Hypermarket outlets, in order to support charitable projects within and outside Qatar.

The second agreement promotes Khair Cards through LuLu’s outlets to promote charity among shoppers, while the third agreement involves a co-operation for the ‘Ramadan Shop and Win’ campaign.

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