A group of young Qataris yesterday launched the Sanea initiative, as part of their start-up company ibTECHar (creativity in Arabic), aimed at promoting innovative educational products in the country.

The founder and chairman of the company Khalid Aboujassoum, the first Qatari to win the first prize in the Stars of Science programme in 2011, said he aims to turn his personal experience of success into a general concept to enhance creativity and inventiveness. 
“I am a normal person and got a normal education, but I have been lucky to find good persons to teach me and a good education environment. So, I thought that if we could make educational tools and guides available, many would be encouraged to be inventive and productive,” he said. 
Sanea’s online store is the first project that falls under the initiative. The goal of the store is not just to make the tools of “Making & Discovery” available to all, but also to become a platform for community members to experience the making operations and link them to their daily lives. 
“Sanea is the umbrella for several initiatives and projects. We chose the name Sanea because the makers are the fundamental assets to enrich this culture,” Aboujassoum explained. 
Among the tools and machines of the new initiative are different types of 3D printers, which can produce the building blocks for various models based on a computer design. 
Aboujassoum stressed that his company is set to expand its operations within Qatar based on the feedback from the initial phases in collaboration with private and public education organisations.