Qatar Welcomes Rainy Season with Enhanced Daytime Temperatures: QMD Reports

Doha, Qatar: The Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) has officially declared the arrival of the fourth autumn star, Al U’waa, on October 16. This celestial event marks a distinct shift in Qatar's weather.

Over the next 13 days, Al U’waa will grace the night sky, signifying the onset of the Al-Wasmi season. During this period, early days will see increased humidity levels. Morning temperatures will start to moderate, providing a more pleasant environment. Daytime weather will be warm, while nights may experience occasional cold spells.

The Al-Wasmi season is particularly significant during this time. It ushers in the prospect of rainfall and the emergence of truffles and various wild herbs, making it a period of great agricultural importance.

The Al-Wasmi season commences on October 16 and extends for 52 days, concluding on December 6. The rain during its early days is regarded as a promising sign for a bountiful season of precipitation.