Qatar provide visit visas for those people who plan to stay in Qatar for more than two weeks such as tourists, family visits and long term business visits. For getting the visit visa you need to have a sponsor in Qatar, like a resident, a company or a hotel.
Nationals of the following countries can apply for one month visa upon arrival to Qatar or at the Embassy:
Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Vatican.
Nationals of other countries have to obtain the visa in advance.
GCC nationals and residents of Arab States do not require a visa in advance. But it depends on your designation.  If you’re designated as CEOs, engineers, business owners, medical doctors and so on, you can get the visa on arrival.
However, always please check with your airline and/or embassy before booking your travel that if you are valid for the visa on arrival. Changes to visa policy can happen very rapidly.
Visit Visa for GCC Residents
GCC residents are not required to take visa in advance. They are eligible for visa on arrival at the airport.
The requirements to get visa are:
•    They should hold a GCC residence permit and
•    Passport validity should be not less than 6 months.
The validity of visa will be one month which is extendable up to 3 months. You must have taken the return ticket also.
Family Visit Visa
If you have Qatar Residence Permit, you can sponsor your family to visit the country. This visa is granted for one month and can be extended for another five months for first and second degree relatives and in-laws (Father, Mother, Sister & Children) and can be extended for only two months in case of other relatives.

How to Apply for Visa

A valid passport and visa is must for the expatriates to visit Qatar. It is always safe to start the application process at least a month before your trip.
•    An invitation letter from your sponsor is required. The letter should contain the reason for your visit. Your sponsor’s residence permit’s copy also has to be submitted along with the letter. If you don’t have any sponsors in Qatar, write a letter yourself explaining the reason for your visit.
•    Qatar Entry Visa Application form has to be downloaded from the site. Complete the application form by typing or printing. Use only black ink.
•    You have to take 2 copies of your passport.
•    A non-refundable application processing fee by money order or company check should be submitted along with your application. It should be payable to "Embassy of the State of Qatar". No cash or personal check will be accepted.
•    You can mail your application and passport along with the required documents (i.e. your 3 months bank statement, copy of your sponsor’s residence permit, certificate to prove the relation between you and your sponsor etc.)
•    A prepaid return envelope should be included if you are sending the application by mail. Write/print your name and address on both the sender and recipient fields.
•    A valid passport must be submitted with the visa application. The passport must be valid for at least six months longer than your intended stay in Qatar and must have available pages to stamp a new visa.
•    Once the embassy approves your Qatar Visa it will be stamped in your passport on a visa page. They will mail your passport in the prepaid envelope that you are provided.
Fee is charged per passport. QR 200 is the fee for one month visa. For each registered dependent or companion QR 50 will be charged. For extending the visa QR 200 has to be paid per month.
Exit Permit

If you are not sponsored by your father or husband, you will require the exit permit for leaving Qatar. Sponsors can arrange the exit permits.
Authorized users can complete the process online. Log on to When you apply online, you have to select the exit permit type (either single or multiple), and all the required fields must be filled (such as applicant ID, passport number etc.). You can pay the required fee online. 
You can also go in person to MOI Passports and Airport Security Department. Else, there are immigration offices in Hamad Medical Corporation, Al Dayin, Al Khor, Al Shahaniya, Mesaimeer, Q-Post, Doha Industrial Area, Souq Waqif, Al Wakrah, Al Shamal, Dukhan, and Umm Salal. 
For single exit permit- QR 10 and
For multiple exit permit- QR 500 (one year validity)


Tourist Visa
Tourists can get this type of visa through hotels or travel agencies, on prior approval from the corresponding authorities. If you are a resident of Qatar, you can also get the visa for your relatives through Qatar Airways. This non-extendable visa has validity of one month.
You can get the application form from the hotel manager or his agent. Fill up the form and submit it back to them along with mandatory documents such as copy of your passport, original establishment ID card of the hotel or the travel agency and your ID.
If you’re applying for the tourist visa through Qatar Airways, you should be a relative (either first or second category relationship) of a Qatar resident. You have to submit any document which can prove your relationship along with the application.
QR 100 for visa and QR 50 for accompanying person. Since this type of visa is non-extendable you will be fined QR 200 per day if you overstay.
Transit Visa
Travelers who plan to stop over in Qatar for 6 hours or more to reach a third destination are eligible for a transit visa. The visa is valid for 24 hours, which allows the holder to travel outside the airport within Qatar during that period. Airlines sponsor the transit visas.
The e-gate card (Smart ID) lets air passengers and officials to enter and exit with ease. If you hold a Smart Id card, you can bypass the immigration formalities at the airport. You just need to punch your cards at the gate and press your index finger on a biometric scanner. Residents of Qatar can obtain the e-gate card at the airport immigration office. Don’t forget to take your ID card with you.
For 1 year- QR 150
For 2 years- QR 250
For 3 years- QR 350