Qatar tops region in Internet speed in November

Qatar has topped the region and is second globally in terms of mobile Internet speed in November. The country has ranked second in the global mobile broadband speed test in November, in Ookla’s Global Speed Test Index.

The average download speed in Qatar was 77.07 Mbps in November while the upload speed was 21.49 Mbps. The internet speed in Qatar is more than double of the global average download speed.  The global average download speed was 30.93Mbps in November while the upload speed was 11.88Mbps.

South Korea has topped the global ranking of internet speed while Norway is just after Qatar, securing third place in the ranking. The average download speed in South Korea was 117.79 Mbps while the upload speed was 18.95 Mbps. In Norway, the average download speed in Norway was 72.80 Mbps while the upload speed was 18.86 Mbps.

The Ookla Speed Test Index compares Internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis. Data for the Index comes from the hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using Speedtest every month.
The average download speed in South Korea was 112.77Mbps in October, while it was 75.02Mbps in Qatar and 69.53Mbps in Norway.

Qatar augmented its ICT infrastructure and improved the Internet quality, and became the first country in the world to launch 5G services. The country has invested substantially in 5G technology which allows peak Internet connection speed to reach 1 Gbps. The roll out of 5G has also accelerated the development of wider communications infrastructure in Qatar.

A 5G network has the capacity to allow 10,000 times the volume of traffic compared to LTE, and provides peak capacity of 10 Gbps. Ooredoo was the first in the world to launch a commercially-available 5G network, and has made substantial progress towards rolling it out across Qatar. For users, 5G services means having access to very fast download and upload speeds compared to 4G network. 5G is also a great step for Internet of Things (IoT), applications that need extremely high speeds, and it will pave the way for a host of smart technologies like smart cars, VR, AR and drones to be part of our everyday lives.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar