Qatar retail sector stand to gain from staycation shoppers

The holiday season, given the current situation, provides a critical opportunity for business recovery in Qatar to continue, particularly in the retail sector, Doha Festival City (DHFC) general manager Robert Hall has said. “As travel outside the country is restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there remains the opportunity to celebrate at home while adhering to the government directives on social distancing and gatherings,” he told 'Gulf Times'.

It is learnt that a large number of residents decided to stay in the country, postponing plans to travel to their home countries this month, but instead, are spending their vacations on shopping at malls or dining at restaurants. Since last month, many shoppers have been going to souqs, malls and other shopping centres in Qatar to buy and ship gifts and some items for their families, relatives, and friends back home. They also take advantage of the promotions offered by cargo and freight companies (either sea or air cargo).

In response, retail outlets continued offering promotions and special discounts, attracting more shoppers to visit different stores, shops, and boutiques. “It is undoubtedly the continuing story of retail that businesses need to stay relevant to their consumer and today it might be said that the consumer is even more demanding on price, quality and most of all availability of choice and variation,” Hall said.

“At Festival City, this matter is perfectly in step with our brand position and throughout our retail shops continue to offer some of the most exciting opportunities to acquire that certain something that you most desire,” he said, adding that “Two for One/ Buy One get One” free type promotions always remain the consumer favourites.

Hall highlighted the efforts of the Qatar government in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and stressed that it acted decisively with the imposition of health and safety protocols, among others. “When we look across the world today it is clear to see how the clear vision, guidance and approach guided this country through the most challenging circumstances and has provided a directive and a practical implementation of controls and measures to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic can be controlled and to a substantial extent contained,” he said.

“Every citizen, resident and visitor have a personal obligation to recognise and act within the decreed controls and the substantial and continuing recognition of such has ensured that an exceptional level of business in Qatar has recovered and is already set on a path to continuing recovery in 2021,” Hall said.

He stressed that DHFC continues to carry out all necessary checks on its staff, contractors and consumers’ health condition, in addition to continuous sanitisation, cleaning, and attention to control measures as directed under government decree. “I am assured that our customers, when complying with the guidelines, can visit, shop and rest in every confidence,” Hall said. “I am delighted with the number of guests that we continue to welcome in Festival City.”

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes