Foreign employees who are working in Qatar should hold a residence permit. Your sponsor will apply for the residence permit for you. If you wish to bring your families to live in Qatar or renew their residence visas you are required to seek approval from the Ministry of Interior. Each member in your family require residence permit. You can sponsor your family, but in some cases your employer will take the responsibility.

The application procedure for a residence permit is relatively straightforward. Step by step procedure is as follows:
1. If your sponsor (i.e. your husband) has not subscribed in Metrash yet, it is advisable that you subscribe first in Metrash with MOI (No Charge), so that you will get SMS alert regarding the Visa status application. The mobile number and the ID number have to be registered under the same name.
2. You must have the print out of the residense visa before your arrival to the airport.
After passing passport control you will have a sticker in your passport with visa number and a stamp which states that within 7 working days from the day of entry the bearer should appear for the medical examination.
3. Go for the medical check-up the very next working day (i.e. Sunday to Thursday). Medical exam has two sections: blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B&C and X-ray screening for TB (not performed for pregnant ladies; however ladies will be sent to take pregnancy test).
You can perform the medical test at authorized public hospital (Hamad Medical Corporation) for a reasonable cost than private hospitals. 
You should have your original passport, copy of the residence permit (with the phone number written on the copy which has been registered earlier for Metrash) and credit/ debit card. Payments in cash are not accepted. At the reception you have to submit these documents. You have to pay a fee of QR 100. Your photo will be taken right there.
You will be given a form and a receipt with which you can undertake all necessary examinations.
After 3 working days you'll receive a text message after which you can proceed for the next step.
4. Next step is fingerprinting. Once your medical results are published online, your fingerprints must be taken by the Criminal Evidence and Investigation Department (CEID). The main branch of the Ministry of Interior where you need to undertake fingerprints is located on Salwa Road off the Industrial area flyover. Open on Sunday to Thursday from 7-12 am and 3-7pm. You must carry your original passport, copy of resident permit and the form (which you don’t need to fill up). The service is free.
5. You can go for the final step two days after the fingerprint or after the mobile notification. You have to take one photograph with blue background (sixe is written on the picture box in the fingerprint form). You also have to do a blood group test that can be done at any local hospital. The form must be filled in Arabic. Take the form to any printing office. The will fill it up for you for a small fee. Please don’t forget to take your passport (original or photocopy) along with the blood group certificate to avoid any mistakes.
Renewal of the residence permit can be done each year or have it done for the time of your visa validity. 

You and your sponsor have to sign on the provided space. You should use black ink only.


At the immigration office you have to submit the following documents:
•    Your original passport
•    Fingerprint from duly filled and signed with photo attached
•    Blood group certificate, and
•    Copy of your sponsor’s ID (i.e. husband’s)

At the immigration office
•    go to entrance number 2
•    proceed to the reception area there you will get a token
•    wait for your turn in the waiting area
•    proceed to the counter and submit the documents
•    Make payment using credit/ debit card (no cash payments)

You will be asked to wait for 5 minutes after which you will get back your passport along with the ID card.
Now you are fully legitimate member of the Qatari expat society!
*Please note that the information above is applicable only for those under husband's sponsorship and the process may differ for others.