Qatar has ranked first in the Gulf region and fifth globally on the mobile Internet speed index at 59.90 Mbps, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said on Monday.

In the region, Qatar is followed by the UAE at the seventh place globally at 56.33 Mbps, Saudi Arabia at the 35th place globally at 35.06 Mbps, Oman at the 36th place at 35.06 Mbps and Bahrain at the 59th place at 26.37 Mbps, according to Speedtest Global Index, which ranks mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis.

The index also ranked Qatar first among all Gulf countries and 39th globally in terms of fixed broadband Internet speed for April with a speed of 62.65 Mbps.

The index indicated that the upload speed in Qatar reached an average of 16.6 Mbps from the mobile Internet and 32.20 Mbps from the fixed broadband Internet.

Norway ranked first globally in terms of mobile Internet speed at 65.41 Mbps, followed by Canada at 64.42 Mbps and South Korea at 63.81 Mbps.

Singapore ranked first globally in terms of fixed broadband Internet speed at 197.50 Mbps, followed by Hong Kong at 172.67 Mbps and S. Korea at 144.76 Mbps, the release said.