Qatar radar: No discount to settle violation for using mobile phone while driving

Doha, Qatar: Violations detected by the radar for using a mobile phone do not qualify for any discounts, as this radar simultaneously identifies three violations.

Captain Mohammed Rabiah Al Kuwari, officer in the Violations Department of the General Traffic Department, has verified the activation of automated surveillance to capture instances of not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone while driving.

Captain Al-Kuwari disclosed during an interview with Qatar Radio that the new radar systems are capable of simultaneously detecting three violations: failure to use a seatbelt, mobile phone usage, and speeding.

Regarding discounts for seatbelt and mobile phone violations, Al-Kuwari explained: "Seatbelt fine [QR500] are eligible for a discount if settled within 30 days. However, using a mobile phone incurs a fine of QR500 with no discount option. 

He emphasized that mobile phone usage is a violation underscored by traffic laws due to its potential impact on traffic accidents and harm to public property and road users.

He further said that vehicle drivers have the option, like anyone else who commits a violation, to address it through Metrash2 or the Ministry's website. Within a week, a response will be provided via Metrash2, and the violation will be reviewed by the relevant authorities responsible for the unified radar system.

Al-Kuwari stressed that the Ministry of Interior is committed to enhancing traffic safety, highlighting that wearing seatbelts and refraining from using mobile phones significantly contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents. He also disclosed that approximately 50 to 60% of traffic accidents can be attributed to these two violations.