Qatar population reaches all-time high at 2.6mn

The country's population is back to an all-time high as it crossed the 2.6mn mark for the first time ever.

According to the Ministry of Development Planning & Statistics (MDPS), Qatar had 2,611,000 residents at the end of October and it showed a 2.3% rise in numbers compared to the figures of September.

In September, the country's population was 2,553,000. The year's previous highest population was recorded in May when the country had 2,587,000 residents.

The lowest population of the last one year was recorded in July when it was 2,326,000 apparently when many expatriates were away on vacation.

The ministry says the latest figure shows an increase of approximately 8.3% compared to the figures of the corresponding period last year.

The country' population has grown four-fold in the last 16 years according to the figures available with the Ministry.

While it was 614,000 in the year 2000, it crossed the one-million mark for the first time in 2006. It exceeded 1.5 million towards the end of 2008 and since then there has been a steady rise, it is learnt.

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