Qatar Meteorology Predicts Gusts of Wind and Possibility of Scattered Rainfall Over the Weekend

Doha, Qatar: The Qatar Meteorology Department has forecasted strong winds accompanied by scattered rain for the upcoming weekend.

According to their weather report, Thursday and Friday are expected to experience strong winds along with high seas, while Saturday may bring scattered clouds with a chance of rainfall during the night.

Temperatures are anticipated to range between a minimum of 14 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures will be cooler, with northwesterly winds gusting up to 23 knots at times.

On Friday, the wind is projected to be northwesterly to westerly at speeds of 5-15 knots, with gusts reaching up to 22 knots. Saturday may see winds shifting to southeasterly to northeasterly, ranging from 3-13 knots.

In a separate update, the department mentioned that according to numerical forecast models, there is an indication of cloud formation and potential rainfall beginning next week.