Qatar Leadership Academy honours 14 graduates

Doha: Qatar Leadership Academy has held a virtual ceremony to honour the accomplishments of its 14 graduates, bringing together students, parents, and teachers, as well as representatives from Qatar Foundation and the Ministry of Defense.

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Hashmi, this year’s recipient of the Academic Excellence Award and Valedictorian, said: “I want to thank Qatar Leadership Academy, its administration, and all its employees for their efforts in teaching me and helping me grow as a leader over the last six years — from 2016 until now. 

“Thanks go to Allah first, and then to the leaders of the school, especially the educational staff. Also, I am grateful for the academic and leadership programs offered by QLA, which distinguish the school from any other academies in the region.”

The ceremony witnessed the distribution of the Leadership Excellence Award, which went to the Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Hashemi, with 98 percent. 

The award recognises the commitment of the cadets, especially in the fields of fitness, leadership, and manners — QLA’s overarching goals.  

Speaking to the graduates, Jameel K Al Shammari, Director, QLA, said: “I would like to recognise the heroes of tonight. Dear graduates, this day is the culmination of many years of hard work — you should stand proud in this moment.”

Al Shammari addressed the parents of the graduates, saying: “To the fathers of our graduates, to their mothers, to their families:  congratulations. Your children have graduated, and you are blessed with a well-deserved joy that you have patiently waited for. 

“As parents, you were the vital support to your children. You supported them unconditionally and endured with them to the end. This success is equally yours as it is theirs. You provided them with sound resources and placed them in a strong community that will guide our future leaders of tomorrow to achieve their dreams.” 

Al Shammari concluded his virtual speech by thanking Qatar Foundation, the Ministry of Defence, and local partners within the community for helping QLA reach its goals. Besides, he thanked Qatar and the country’s leadership.  

The virtual ceremony also featured a video with highlights of the students, including programs they’d participated in, their studies, and boarding school life. 

QLA is part of Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education. Its Class of 2021 includes 10 students from Qatar, three from Oman, and one from the UK. 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar