The Foreign minister of Qatar, H E Khalid bin Mohamed made a statement that Qatar is making efforts to improve sustainable development in the country. At the United Nations General Assembly Summit he said that “We are relieved that the agenda is in line with economic, social and environmental dimensions of our National Vision 2030, which includes the basic pillars of sustainable development, particularly security, health, education, culture, and sports”
After the Millennium Development Goals in 2005 the world had undergone several positive changes. The Qatar officials also have achieved several goals and he also added that the Post 2015 Development agenda will try to achieve security, stability and sustainable development for the people in their country. The people are taught with respect to the past experiences and they will be assigned with shared responsibilities.
Achieving success in the Development process will also encourage the international community to tackle and find effective solutions for that which hinders the sustainable development process. He also added that they would stress on the National policies for reflecting the development of the social side and would give preference to needs of people and will fight to remove corruption of all kind.