Doha: Qatar Charity (QC) started the implementation of the “Renovations Challenge” programme, which aims at the maintenance and makeover of low-income families’ homes. 

As part of this programme, many community initiatives and companies cooperate with QC to carry out the maintenance work for homes damaged due to natural or unnatural factors and provide suitable furniture for them under their corporate social responsibility. 

This programme aims at improving the social, psychological and health situation of low-income families, and achieving social solidarity to ensure a dignified life for all members of the community.

The house, which is currently under the maintenance, belongs to a woman with special needs, requiring further attention and care while fitting doors and installing other things in order to suit her health conditions.  

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Issa from Qatar Power (QSC),  a company catering to the electricity and potable water demands, said the company took the initiative to renovate the house as part of its social responsibility. 

He also added that the company started cooperation with QC last year through the “Back to Schools” project, which continues this year with this renovation programme, in addition to the Mobile Iftar during holy Ramadan.  

He said the company’s participation in it came after reviewing various charity projects carried out by QC on the local level, taking over the maintenance of this house at its expense.