The Qatar Economy as per the Middle East and North African Confidence Index survey dictates an improvement of about 65 % in the last six months of time. The surveys were jointly showcased by and Yougov. They survey was contradicted by the Qatar Residents since they experienced a decrease in their savings as compared to the last year. Out of the Qatar respondents 17 % believe that the economy has fallen while 36 % believes that the economy remained the same as last year.

The Qatar employed respondents group had another opinion, 47 % believe the conditions were good or very good and 11 % thought it was bad or very bad. But majority group of about 72 % believe the economy had grown recently. When considering the Family current financial situations, 28% Qatar respondents find their conditions better than last year, about 47% thinks it remained same, 15% had an opinion that their condition became worse.

Next six months, improvements are expected by 62% of Qatar respondents and 19% believes the opposite to happen. Cost of living is another scenario where the survey got results.65% expects it to hike up and 22% expect it to fall down.49% is planning to invent in a motor vehicle, out of which 45% are going for a new vehicle, 36% to get a used one.

35% is planning to invest in property in the next 12 months, out of which 42% is going for an apartment, 34% interested in villas/bungalows and 18% to get a commercial property.

Other data based on the survey are

  • 28% to purchase a smartphone, 26% to invest in furniture and 24% to buy a laptop.
  • 19% going for LCD or Plasma TV, 14% for refrigerator, 14% for washing machine.
  • 57% claims high job availability and 28% finding job scenario bad.