Qatar Braces for Peak Summer: Temperatures to Exceed 41°C This Weekend

Doha, Qatar: The Qatar Calendar House has officially announced the commencement of the peak summer season, referred to as 'Mrbaanya,' starting today, June 7, 2024. This period, lasting 39 days, marks the onset of summer characterized by a substantial rise in temperatures.

During 'Mrbaanya,' the sun ascends to its highest point in the sky for the year, signaling the true advent of summer conditions. This period also includes the longest day of the year and is distinguished by the visibility of significant seasonal stars such as Al-Thurayya, Al-Dabaran, and Al-Haq’a.

Simultaneously, the Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) has issued a forecast for extremely hot weather this weekend, from June 6 to 8. Temperatures on Thursday are projected to peak at 42°C, with lows around 32°C. On Friday, a slight temperature decrease is expected, with highs of 41°C and lows of 30°C. Saturday is anticipated to be the hottest day, with temperatures potentially reaching 43°C and minimum temperatures remaining around 30°C. Additionally, the QMD has cautioned about poor horizontal visibility, particularly offshore.

Residents and visitors are strongly advised to prepare for the intense heat and to take necessary precautions when outdoors to mitigate the risks associated with high temperatures.