"Qatar Adventure" on Roblox Attracts Over 7 Million Players

Doha: "Qatar Adventure," a virtual realm within the metaverse showcasing Qatari cultural delights and iconic landmarks on the gaming platform Roblox, has attracted over 7 million players during its seven-week run, marking it as one of the most triumphant virtual experiences bearing a national identity on Roblox.

This groundbreaking metaverse venture of the State of Qatar was put to the test in more than 32 countries across four continents from December 15 to February 8, 2024. The collaboration between Qatar's cultural Q Life platform, under the International Media Office of the State of Qatar, and Century Games brought together global audiences once again, a year after the nation's successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Participants engaged in 5.6 million virtual pearl diving and swimming with whale sharks activities. The virtual rendition of Katara Towers hotels saw a remarkable 10 million visits.

Moreover, players had the opportunity to outfit themselves in traditional Qatari attire through the virtual clothing store, which attracted over 720,000 visits and facilitated 1.29 million interactions with traditional clothing experiences.

The virtual museum, aimed at offering insights into Qatar's rich culture, received over 441,000 clicks for exploration.

Feedback from a survey conducted on players revealed high satisfaction levels, with 82.5 percent reporting enjoyment of the Qatar Adventure experience, 78.5 percent indicating they learned something new about Qatar, and 86.8 percent expressing an interest in visiting Qatar to explore its distinctive tourist attractions in person.