Proud to be a volunteer at FIFA World Cup, says football fan

Doha: Football fanatic Abdulla Al Qahtani applied to volunteer at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as he was determined to take part in the biggest event ever to be held in the Middle East and Arab world. 

The 30-year-old from Al Kharaitiyat enjoys everything about the beautiful game and is supporting the tournament as a protocol volunteer at Al Bayt Stadium.

Abdulla who works for Qatar Energy is proud at supporting the delivery of the first FIFA World Cup in the region. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the England versus USA,  he said, “I’ve always wanted to have a role in my country’s achievement and success. So, when volunteer registration began, I knew I had to sign up. I want to give something back to my country – even if it is just a small percentage.”

Abdulla began volunteering almost six years ago. He said that each volunteering experience teaches a new skill.

“I previously volunteered during the FIFA Arab Cup at both Education City Stadium and Al Bayt, so I managed to pick up skills through these experiences, which helped me secure a volunteering role at the World Cup,” siad Abdulla. 

During volunteering  at Al Bayt Stadium, his team is responsible for protocol management of hospitality, VIP and VVIP guests at the stadium. “We are expected to manage the crowd flow and ensure that everyone has a seamless experienceentering and leaving the lounge and stadium,” he said. 

“I am beyond grateful and proud of myself for having a role in the biggest sporting event ever to be held in our country and region. Ever since Qatar won the bid 12 years ago, I hoped to have a role in the success of the tournament,” said Abdulla.

He has learned to communicate with fans from different parts of the world multi-tasking, and time management skills through volunteering.  

Sharing his thoughts on Qatar hosting the World Cup, Abdulla said, “I speak on behalf of all Qataris and Arabs. We are all proud to host an exceptional edition of the tournament here in Qatar, where everyone is welcome. We are all helping to host the most successful and memorable edition of the World Cup.” 

“I encourage everyone to consider volunteering. The world of volunteering is huge. So, even if you tried a specific role and didn’t like it, there are other roles you can try. With time, you will learn more about what you like and dislike when it comes to volunteering,” he said to those intend to take up volunteering. 

Abdulla hope that Qatar 2022 will send several messages to the world. 

“I want the World Cup to show everyone that despite Qatar’s small geographical size, it can host the biggest sporting event. I also want the world to learn about our culture and heritage, and explore our history and religion. I know for most tourists, this is their first time in Qatar, so I try my best to give them a warm welcome, and I really hope they have the best time here,” he said.