Project for 1,000 moorings for boats enters final stage

The Private Boats Mooring Fields Project of the Ministry of Transport and Communications which will provide 1,000 mooring slips at four harbours of the country has entered final phase.

The development works at the project include dredging works, breakwater, floating moorings equipped with water and electricity, service facilities and AtoN (aids to navigation).

According to details shared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) on its Twitter account yesterday, Al Ruwais Harbour will have 72 big boats moorings and 250 small boats moorings; Al Dhakira Harbor will have three big boats moorings and 69 small boats moorings.

Al Khor Harbor will have 68 bog boats moorings and 140 small boats moorings while Al Wakra Harbour will have 180 big boats moorings and 188 small boats moorings.

“Within the scope of MoTC’s strategy of developing Qatar’s harbours, the Private Boats Mooring Fields Project — Mwani Qatar is carrying out - enters its final stage, providing some 1,000 mooring slips in Al Wakra, Al Khor, Al Dhakira & Al Ruwais harbors,” the Ministry said in a tweet. 

“Harbours’ development works include building mooring slips to accommodate boats of various sizes, floating berths equipped with water, electricity & lighting services, in addition to navaids & other facilities, in line with latest international standards,” it added.

The Ministry said in tweet’s thread that the Project contributes to boosting economic development, raising the efficiency & sustainability of the harbours’ service facilities, helping in regulating mooring of private boats, facilitating the process of towing and unloading of boats & protecting property of individuals, in accordance with best quality, security & safety standards.

The Private Boats Mooring Fields Project is a new addition supporting MOTC’s strategy aimed at developing seaports countrywide, the Ministry further said.

It is to be noted that the Ministry of Transport and Communications had started implementing the project to build private boats mooring fields at all harbours across the country in 2018. 

At that time the Ministry official had said that the project aimed at regulating private boats mooring operations within modern anchoring spaces constructed with world-class standards and specifications to fulfil private boaters’ needs and expectations. It also aims to keep the boats safe from dangerous weather events such as storms and high waves, provide smoother private boats movement and preserve people’s belongings. 

According to an earlier statement, environment standards and codes have been observed in the project, aiming to preserve the environment and marine living resources.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar