If you want to change your name here is how it is to be done.

You should carry following documents before you proceed for name change:

  • NOC from your consulate. Your old name and desired new name should be there in the NOC.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your valid Qatar ID.

Go to the Immigration Department at Garaffa, Building no: 2, 2nd floor. Show the NOC to the official sitting at the counter. They will issue a form for name change. You have to fill it up in English. Everything has to be typed, no handwritten. The form must be then stamped with your company seal (no need if you are in family visa) and signed by the sponsor. Submit the form along with the required documents.

Next step is newspaper publication. You have to get the form for the same. The form should get stamped from the same place you got the form from. Once this is done, you have to go to the newspaper publication (usually it is Gulf Times) for publishing the name change details. It will cost approximately QR 100.

After the name change advertisement is published, you have to take the whole newspaper (not the cut out of the published section) to the Immigration Department at Garaffa. This has to be done after 15 days of publication. After the submission you’ll be given a slip for collecting the NOC


To get the NOC, go to 1st floor of Building no.1. You have to fill one more form and get it stamped and signed by the officials in that office. Then you will get the NOC which will be in Arabic.

You have to submit the NOC in Building no.3 where the visa is issued. Then the captain will make the necessary changes in the computer. Your visa sticker will get changed and you will be issued a new Qatar ID with the changed name. You will be charged QR 100.