Foreign employees working in Qatar are required to carry work visas. Only Qatar nationals can act as your sponsor because all businesses are owned by citizens of Qatar. Sponsors may apply for a work visa once all the required documents are available.

After you get a job in Qatar your new employer will apply for a No Objection Certificate for you. Then it will get stamped in your passport. You can enter the airport only if you have the NOC in your passport. After arriving you have to apply for residence visa. It can take two to six weeks. Usually your sponsor will take care of these. You will have to submit the necessary documents. You should not leave the country during the time in which your work entry visa is being converted.

The validity of residence visa may vary from six month to two years. You can renew it before the old one expires. It is recommended that you keep in mind the date of expiry and renew at least one month prior to expiry. The application for the renewal of residence visa can also be obtained from the post office. You have to fill it up in Arabic. Submit the completely filled application along with required documents. When it’s ready, you can go and collect it. Once a worker receives the residence permit, he/she may then sponsor family members to come to Qatar. Sponsors have to make sure that their employees abide to the local law.

All expatriates working and living in Qatar are required by law to undergo a health screening after landing in the country before they can receive a Residence Permit. The Medical Commission is responsible for conducting a health exam. It is to protect the health of population and prevent the spread of infectious diseases from newcomers. You should first obtain a blood-type certificate from any clinic before undergoing the Medical Commission exam, which comprises a blood test and chest X-ray. Diseases being screened include: HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. QR 100 will be the charge. Receipt should be produced for collecting the results. It takes about a week to get the results from the Medical Commission. You can also check the results online at the Qatar Supreme Council of Health.
Once the medical test has been passed, you must have the finger prints scanned and registered with the Ministry of Interior.

When the above procedures are complete, your employer will submit the medical exam results, your finger prints and your passport for your residency application. To get the work residence permit and compulsory Qatari ID card you have to go to the Immigration Department.
Please, note that requirements are often subject to change and it is recommended to check the Visa Section of the Qatar Embassy in your country to know the latest changes.