Pre-registration for Web Summit Qatar 2025 Now Open

Doha, Qatar: Pre-registration for Web Summit Qatar 2025 is now open. Interested participants can pre-register on the Web Summit Qatar website and purchase tickets during the flash sale on July 9.

Web Summit Qatar, recognized as a premier global conference for technology and innovation, is set to return from February 23-26, 2025. This event provides an essential platform for the global tech community to connect and collaborate.

Following the success of the inaugural Web Summit Qatar in February 2024, thousands of international entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders are expected to gather at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) to engage with the global tech community.

Subscribers to the Web Summit Qatar newsletter will gain access to updates and discounts, including a 50% discount on tickets for Web Summit Qatar 2025.

Applications for the startup program at Web Summit Qatar 2025 are also open. The Alpha startup program highlights promising early-stage startups, facilitating connections with influential individuals and companies worldwide. Startups in the Alpha program will benefit from masterclasses, competitions, Mentor Hours, and networking opportunities with top investors and industry experts.

According to the Web Summit Qatar website, successful applicants to the Alpha startup program will have full access to over 250 hours of content, including masterclasses and investor-to-startup meetings.

The first Web Summit Qatar in 2024 attracted a substantial audience, with 15,453 attendees from 118 countries, including the US, UK, Egypt, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, and India. The event featured 148 partners from major tech companies such as Snap, TikTok, Meta, and Microsoft, and 1,043 startups from 81 countries, 10% of which were local startups. The summit also had a significant presence of women, with one-third of the 30 speakers being women, 315 startups founded by women, and 37% of total participants being women.