‘Poison Wind’ sets in Qatar for two weeks: QC

Doha: The ‘Poison Wind’ season has started today and will last for two weeks, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) posted on their Twitter account. 

The ‘Poison Wind’, which affects most parts of the Arabian Peninsula, locally known as ‘Simoom’, is a very hot and dry wind, usually accompanied by rising temperatures, and is one of the most famous monsoon winds to blow over the Arabian region.

Qatar Calendar House said that this condition will last for 2 weeks until July 29, 2022.

The name is derived from the harmful effects it causes on plants and humans where the extreme condition causes difficulty in visibility and also may cause sunstroke because of heat.

According to Wikipedia the name "poison wind" is given because the sudden onset of simoom may also cause heat stroke. This is attributed to the fact that the hot wind brings more heat to the body than can be disposed of by the evaporation of perspiration.