PHCC announces launch of Qatar University health centre

The Primary Health Care Corporation announced the operational launch of the Qatar University health centre and that it will begin accepting visitors starting from Sunday. The health centre will function from 7am to 11pm, Sunday to Thursday.

The centre provides the best quality of primary healthcare and its comprehensive services will reduce the burden on neighbouring facilities in the northern region.

Residents of Al Tarfa, Jeryan, Jeliah, Legtaifiya, Pearl, Gassar 66, Al Kharayej, Al Egla and Umm Lekhba are eligible to use the centre's services.

The capacity for the first phase will be 10,000 registered visitors to be increased to 35,000 later.

Qatar University Health Centre also provides services such as family medicine, pregnancy and post-natal care, periodic immunisations, women's wellness and non-communicable diseases, quitting smoking, communicable diseases, travel immunisations, specialist clinics, nose, ear and throat, hearing screening, skin diseases, eyes and optics, mental health clinic, dental and psychological support, maternal and child health counselling, nutrition, health education and physiotherapy, and early screening for cervical cancer.

In addition, eligible patients will be referred to the Labib Health Centre for early screening of breast and colon cancer.

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