Palestinian Heritage Festival attracts crowds

Palestinian Heritage Festival 'From Memory and Heritage' being held at Southern area of Katara - the Cultural Village has reeled in many of attendees anticipating its fifth edition which runs through May 13. 

Under the patronage of the Palestinian Embassy in Qatar, the Palestinian-Qatari Friendship Association alongside festival organisers Final Vision, cultural partner Katara worked hand in hand to deliver a diversity of activities and performances that celebrate Palestinian culture and heritage. 

The opening speech by Palestinian Ambassador H E Munir Ghanim highlighted the festival’s mission to revive and disseminate the authentic Palestinian heritage by encouraging youth to explore and actively take part in shaping Palestinian history. He expressed appreciation of the high attendee turnout and hoped the festival will spark more interest in ancient Palestinian folklore.

The festival began with a Palestinian Dabke performance by Qatar-based Palestinian Dabke group Yargool. The folklore dance is a statement of Palestinian resistance and unifies Palestinians worldwide. “Although we are far from Palestine, watching the Dabke performance transported us back to our land and reignited our love for our ancestors’ culture,” said Palestinian attendee Aml Hamad.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar