No modification of villas without permission: Ministry

Doha: Ministry of Municipality and Environment warned of legal action against residents making modifications to villas without permission.  

The ministry noted that modifications on villas without obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals may expose the owner to legal liability in accordance with the applicable laws.

It added that officials have noted recently that certain owners of villas made planning adjustments to the villa by adding partitions or modifying walls or amendment of entrances without obtaining necessary licenses and approvals from the competent authority. 

According to the text of the first article of Law No. (4) of 1985 regarding the organization of buildings and its amendments, stipulates that it is not permissible to construct a building or establish a business or expand or extend it or support or maintain it or change the features of any real estate except after obtaining a license to do so from the competent municipality.

The Ministry urged owners of villas to comply with the planning requirements and get prior approvals from the building licenses in order to avoid exposure to legal accountability.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar