New HR law sets salary structure, allowances for govt employees

Government employees can be hired for a salary higher than the stipulated pay for their grade if their professional experience exceeds the minimum requirements for the position.

In such cases, the salary will be determined based on the number of additional years of experience a person has vis-à-vis what is required for the job grade concerned, according to the executive regulations of the recently issued Law No 15 for 2016 on Human Resources, which have been published in local Arabic daily Arrayah.

Vacancies have to be advertised in at least two well-known local dailies and may also be advertised online. In all cases, such advertisements should include details such as the job title, conditions and financial grade; the entity receiving applications, necessary documents to be attached and duration of the application period, which should not be less than 15 days; and whether employment would be through a test or without it. In case there is a test, the advertisement should specify its type, subject and location, the regulations stipulate.

Employees are appointed through a decision of the authority concerned or through an employment contract, in accordance with approved specifications. Every employee should have a service file that will include all relevant documents and certificates related to him/her, in addition to the decision issued for him/her from the time of employment until the termination of service. An electronic copy of this file is to be kept by the department concerned.

Further, the regulations explain that the government entity concerned can allocate accommodation for its employees. The housing allowance will stop as soon as the employees get their accommodations.

Non-Qatari employees who do not get government-allocated accommodation can be paid a housing allowance based on their employment contract and in accordance with the regulations in the law. For craftsmen and labourers, the housing allowance is set at QR800 a month.

Qatari employees are entitled to a monthly housing allowance ranging from QR1,500-3,000, and QR3,500-6,000, depending on their grade and marital status. Similarly, the transportation allowance for Qataris starts at QR1,000 and goes up to QR2,000 a month based on the grade.

In all cases, a government employee cannot be paid housing allowance if the person concerned or his/her spouse working for the government, an entity funded by the government budget, or a company owned by the government or with a stake of over 50% of its capital, is assigned government accommodation.

Employees who are assigned extra working hours are to be compensated. For disabled employees, daily working hours will be reduced by one hour so that they can sign in and sign out half an hour late and early.

Non-Qatari employees can get furniture allowance in accordance with their employment contracts. For non-Qataris recruited from abroad, they, their spouses and three children will be entitled to air tickets once a year for their annual leave and upon termination and final repatriation.

However, if a non-Qatari couple works for government or government-funded or owned entities, only one of them will enjoy such a privilege.

Minister briefs HR directors

HE the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs Dr Issa  Saad al-Jafali al-Nuaimi yesterday held a meeting with directors and representatives of human resources (HR) departments at government entities to explain the new provisions in the human resources law and its executive regulations, and respond to queries about the implementation of Law No 15 of 2016.

HE the Minister touched on the procedures of employment as well as bonuses, allowances and other benefits, in addition to training and development. He also discussed employee review, promotions, transfer procedures, delegation, secondment and leaves, the official Qatar News Agency reported.

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