National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) Welcomes the Public to Explore Qatar National Day Activities

Doha, Qatar: The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) extends an invitation to the public to explore a series of engaging activities planned for Qatar National Day. This annual event is designed to showcase the richness of Qatari culture and heritage, appealing to both local communities and tourists alike.

Titled "The Journey Begins Here," the series of events, scheduled for December 15 and 16 from 3-7 pm at the Baraha and Lagoon areas, encompasses a range of experiences. These activities aim to foster an appreciation for Qatari traditions, spanning from coffee rituals and vibrant culinary experiences to creative heritage art workshops, with an emphasis on connecting the past to a harmonious future.

Key stations and activities at NMoQ for Qatar National Day include:

  1. Hospitality Reception: Welcoming visitors with warmth and information, this station provides traditional drinks and sweets, embodying the spirit of the event. Visitors can also witness a demonstration on the art of making Arabic coffee.

  2. Culinary Hub: Highlighting food and culinary traditions, this station offers an immersive experience of Qatari heritage through different senses. Attendees can savor traditional Qatari food straight from the oven and participate in a live cooking demonstration.

  3. Interactive Corner: Live demonstrations provide visitors with opportunities to explore various arts and crafts connected to Qatari heritage and culture, including Hair Braiding, Henna Design, and Mashmoom Necklace creation.

  4. Photo Lounge: Encouraging visitors to capture memorable moments, this station offers options like the Up-Side Down Majlis by the Museum of Illusion. Visitors can also wear traditional clothes for a professional photoshoot.

  5. Art and Craft: Renowned local artists organize creative sessions that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary influences. Visitors can engage with the artists, participate in creative dialogue, and explore the intersection of heritage and modern expression.