Mwani invites public to explore Hamad Port Visitors Center

Doha, Qatar: Mwani is inviting the public to visit the Hamad Port Visitors Center, where they can discover an array of facilities that highlight the country’s rich maritime history and various attractions.

“Book your visit and explore an exceptional collection of facilities that showcase Qatar’s maritime history and the wonders of marine life. Gain insight into the establishment of Hamad Port and its pivotal role in shaping the future of regional trade,” Mwani stated on its X account.

Visitors can schedule their visit through the provided link. The Hamad Port Visitors Center, inaugurated in 2022, was designed to highlight Qatar’s maritime history and achievements.

The center features a maritime museum, a 4D cinema, virtual simulators, an auditorium, a children's play area, and an oceanic aquarium—the first of its kind in Qatar. The center is open from 8 AM to 7 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and from 1 PM to 7 PM on Friday.

The Hamad Port Visitors Centre Aquarium stands out in Qatar. With 17 basins of various sizes, the aquarium showcases 80 species of fish and aquatic creatures, totaling 3,063. It’s an educational and fun destination for students and visitors of all ages to learn more about Qatari marine life and the Umm Al Houl environment, as noted on the Mwani website.

The Maritime Museum, spanning 1,284 m², tells the captivating stories of Qatar’s maritime history. Visitors can learn about the evolution of shipping containers and container ships, the significance of Hamad Port, the port’s operations, and the development of Qatari maritime heritage and trade over the years.

The 4D Cinema Hall, equipped with 4D technology, offers an immersive experience where seats move in sync with film effects, providing an engaging portrayal of the prestigious port and the vision, resources, and commitment behind the mega-project Hamad Port.

Additionally, the Hamad Port Visitors Center features an outdoor children’s play area, offering numerous entertainment options and recreational games, ensuring an enjoyable visit for young guests.