Morocco Expresses Gratitude to Qatar for Swift Response with Rescue Teams Following Earthquake

Rabat: The Kingdom of Morocco has conveyed its heartfelt appreciation to the State of Qatar and various other countries for their prompt response in sending rescue teams and vital medical aid to assist with relief efforts following a devastating earthquake that struck multiple Moroccan cities and provinces.

In a statement, the Moroccan Interior Ministry revealed that HM King Mohammed VI, during a meeting to address the earthquake's aftermath, expressed sincere thanks to brotherly and friendly nations that demonstrated solidarity with the Moroccan people. Many of these countries expressed their readiness to provide assistance during this challenging period.

The Moroccan authorities conducted a comprehensive assessment of the situation on the ground and promptly responded to the offers of support from Qatar and several other nations. These offers included the mobilization of search and rescue teams. The statement emphasized the coordination between these teams and their Moroccan counterparts for on-site interventions.

The Qatari International Search and Rescue Group, representing the Permanent Committee for Rescue, Relief, and Humanitarian Aid in disaster-stricken areas of brotherly and friendly nations, swiftly headed to Morocco. Their mission included contributing to search and rescue operations, accompanied by specialized vehicles and equipment. Furthermore, they provided urgent humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the earthquake.

This catastrophic earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 7, struck Morocco at a depth of 8 km, resulting in significant loss of life and extensive destruction."