More visitors use visa-free facility

WA total of 93,973 visitors entered Qatar by using the visa-free facility in March, which marked a 30.3% increase from February when 72,110 people had availed of the facility, according to a statistical report issued by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) yesterday.

The report also showed that the number of passengers (arrivals and departures) passing through Hamad International Airport (HIA) reached 867,241 last month, while 189,212 passengers used e-gates to enter or exit.

The report included electronic transaction statistics implemented through the MoI website and the Metrash2 application, which jumped to more than 1,885,000 transactions, during the first quarter of this year.

The total number of services that the public can access through Metrash2 and the MoI website is over 350, reflecting the significant benefits that the eServices have achieved for the public, the official Qatar News Agency reported.

According to the figures, the number of subscribers of Metrash2 application reached 417,723 by the end of March, while the total number of services implemented through the application reached 679,833.

The enquiries about the services carried out through the application in the same period amounted to nearly 2mn inquiries, while the volume of eServices carried out through the Ministry of the interior site was 205,205,806 services.

The Al Rayan Service Center was the largest in terms of the number of transactions completed by 27.2% of the total services performed in these centres, followed by the Wakrah Center (12.4%), Mesaimeer Center (11.5%). 

The monthly statistics of transactions achieved through the General Directorate of Passports during the month of March, a significant increase in the number of transactions amounted to 1,653,733 transactions.

In the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities section, 778 treatments were completed during March, while the number of cases exempted from fees for some services provided to this category, along with retirees, reached 1067.

As for the Passports Department, the total number of transactions executed during March reached 32,621 transactions, up 54.8% compared to February this year.

The total number of transactions submitted to the public through the Department of Expatriates Affairs during the month of March this year, 79, 408 transactions, a rise of (4%) for the month of February of the same year.

The services provided to the public in addition to the transactions of registering the establishment, which rose to 4,463 transactions and an increase of 19.1% compared to last February, reflecting the momentum of commercial activity which the Ministry of Interior attaches great importance.

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