More than 2mn benefit from Qatar Charityق€™s campaign

Qatar Charity (QC) has announced that more than 2mn people within and outside Qatar benefited from its Ramadan campaign, titled ‘Your Giving is Life’. The campaign was conducted featured a number of projects at home and abroad. The initiative included mainly Iftar for fasting people, Eid clothing and Zakat al-Fitr, along with a number of awareness projects, at an estimated cost of QR30,750,572, QC said in a press statement.The partnerships implemented as part of the campaign covered several areas in the government, semi-government and private sectors.

QC stressed that they provided discounts and direct benefit, supported projects with direct social impact, and allocated halls and places to collect donations, which made it easier for employees of QC to perform their mission

In this context, Qatar Charity appreciated support for the campaign from all sides, including the government and semi-government sectors along with national institutions and companies, which contributed to the success of the Ramadan initiative by sponsoring its projects.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes